Posted by: erikmona | March 5, 2009

The Tritonian Ring (1968)

The Tritonian Ring (1968)

L. Sprague de Camp published the first sword & sorcery anthologies of the paperback era, starting with the aptly named Swords & Sorcery. His pulp career started early, molded well into the John Campbell era, and went on to crank out an astonishing amount of Conan pastiche that is, to put it charitably, highly controversial among Robert E. Howard enthusiasts. (Don’t believe me? Here’s a 16-part essay on the subject by the editor of

The Tritonian Ring is de Camp’s most highly regarded fantasy novel. It features a remarkable cover by Frank Frazetta that gives him ample opportunity to paint his favorite subject.

I haven’t read de Camp’s The Tritonian Ring. Of his work I’ve read a scattering of unremarkable short stories, a terrible and self-important biography of Lovecraft, and a passel of barely passable Conan pastiche. I’ve since acquired his “Planet Krishna” science fantasy series and a few novels here and there. I’ll get to these, but they are nowhere near my “must read” pile on the weakness of my initial samplings.


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