Posted by: erikmona | March 19, 2009

The Baroness 2: Diamonds Are for Dying (1974)

The Baroness 2: Diamonds are for Dying (1974)

This just in! Breaking Lyle Kenyon Engel news! According to the comments thread on yesterday’s Paperback Flash post, author and speculative fiction historian Win Scott Eckert is an unashamed collector of The Baroness tales, and has worked a “subtle crossover” into his forthcoming collaboration with the late Philip José Farmer, The Evil in Pemberley House! Will we discover that Baroness Penelope St. John-Orsini is a member of the genre-spanning Wold-Newton universe? Does the Baroness turn out to be the titular ghost, unmasked near the roller coaster at the end of the novel a la Scooby Doo? I am eager to find out!

Here’s the back cover copy for today’s book, the second in Lyle Kenyon Engel’s The Baroness series of blockbuster spy-smut of the seventies.


Baroness Penelope St. John-Orsini, the swingingest international playgirl of them all, is off for Brazil on a gay Carnival lark — and a top-secret espionage mission vital to America’s survival. For unbeknownst to the handsome Rio cariocas whose beds she’s shared, this voluptuous beauty is a cunning, deadly superspy out to smash an astounding neo-Nazi plot for world domination!”

I haven’t read the book (sadly), but Holger over at The Groovy Age of Horror has a fun run-down.

ALSO: I’ve been spelling poor Lyle’s name wrong. It’s ENGEL, not ENGLE. A legend deserves to be remembered correctly. My apologies to Mr. Engel.



  1. Heh. Thanks for the plug, Erik. 🙂

  2. This is such a great news, it really helps,Thanks for convey the message, i really didn’t know about that,Thanks for share this.

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