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Whom the Gods Would Slay (1968)

Whom the Gods Would Slay (1968)

Here’s Whom the Gods Would Slay, a 1960s science fantasy novel by Ivar Jorgensen. Like Alexander Blade and S. M. Tenneshaw and a motley class of buffoonishly named compatriots, old Ivar was a fiction, a pseudonym shared by a host of pulp-era writers. Whom the Gods Would Slay, for example, was adapted from a novella of the same name in the June 1951 issue of Fantastic Adventures. The cover in my collection is the 1968 Belmont reprint.

<i>Fantastic Adventures</i>, June 1951

Fantastic Adventures, June 1951

I purchased this book because I am a sucker for anything with a Viking on it, and because one of the authors associated with the Jorgensen pen name is Robert Silverberg, a recent interest of mine. Alas, this book was not by Silverberg, but instead came from the pen of one Paul W. Fairman, quite an interesting character in his own right.

A practiced hand at the pulp game, Fairman wrote for pulps in numerous genres under several different pseudonyms. By 1955, he was editor of Fantastic and Amazing Stories. Two movies were made from his work, Target Earth and Invasion of the Saucer Men.

<i>Invasion of the Saucer Men</i>, 1957

Also, somewhere along the way, Fairman produced this:


I haven’t yet had a chance to read Whom the Gods Would Slay (or, for that matter, The Orgy at Madame Dracula’s), but I sure as hell want to see Invasion of the Saucer Men!



  1. I love how in the header for Paperback Flash your name is right next to the guy wearing glasses and leering at the topless woman while smoking a cigar.

  2. That’s by design, of course.

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