Posted by: erikmona | October 22, 2009

Kyrik and the Wizard’s Sword (1976)

Kyrik and the Wizard's Sword (1976)

I’m happy to report that nudity returns to the Kyrik covers with this, the final installment in Kyrik’s epic saga. I think it’s pretty amusing how these books say “in the tradition of Conan” on the cover, as if it were even needed.

Shirtless dude? Check.
Naked chick? Check.
Giant snake? Check.

What other “tradition” could this book be following? In the tradition of Zorro? In the tradition of the Bronte Sisters?




  1. I think Kyrik and the Lost Queen is actually the final installment in this series (you may have posted it earlier, but since I didn’t see it thought I’d pass that along). Also, unless I am mistaken, there is once again a topless lady adorning the cover and, lest you get confused, it is also IN THE TRADITION OF CONAN. Yep, says so right on the cover!! How can you say no to that?

  2. Wow. I am shocked. I only knew about the first three, and have never seen this fourth book. Just goes to show how difficult these things are to find in the wild.

    I will keep an eye out for it! The thumbnail of the cover on certainly suggests some breastage….

  3. I confirmed on my cover last night that, while she is wearing something up top, it appears to be entirely see-through. I’m sure it’s warm and protective, though, becuase it wouldn’t make sense to go running around in it otherwise.
    1-On a different note(s), have you read the series and if so what are your impressions?
    2-Also, have you read the Berserker novels you’ve got posted? When I read that the man behind the name is actually Robert Holdstock I got very curious.

  4. I have not read any of the Kyriks yet. So far my Gardner F. Fox fiction reading is limited to the first Kothar book (fairly decent, inventive is not original) and Warrior of Llarn (ditto).

    I have not read the Berserker books.

  5. Good lord, I bought these books when I was a teenager.

  6. Just stumbled onto this blog today, so not sure if you will ever get this comment, but…

    Garner Fox also had a young Conan pastiche character, Niall of the Far Travels, appear in a series of short stories in Dragon Magazine in the late 70s. I bet you even have copies of the magazines!

  7. I do indeed have those. At one point, I’d arranged to republish them, but ended up doing a different project instead.

    • Ha, bummer. I would have picked that up for sure. The 10-year old in me who read about Niall in his first Dragon back in 1980 has been wondering about him every since. Of course, the number of people interested in something like this is probably fairly small…

  8. I can guarantee you that the number is very small indeed.

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